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If you’re in the market for an economical approach to top bar beekeeping, look no further than the unassembled Top Bar Hive Kit from Mann Lake.

Looking for an alternative to the Langstroth hive frame design, many beekeepers opt for a horizontal hive for a more accessible bee space. When using top bar hives, also called horizontal hives, beekeepers have a front-row seat to the entire hive.

Top bar hive beekeepers enjoy beekeeping without heavy lifting or shuffling frames around. In top bar beehives, the hive body is designed to hold the hive, from bees to drones, the queen, honey, and propolis, and it can be adjusted as the brood grows. This hive features an easy assembly; all you need is a hive tool if anything sticks.

Our new Economy Top Bar hive is the economical approach to top bar beekeeping! Easy on your back and your wallet, this horizontal beehive is built from precision-milled durable pine.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Corrugated roof for ventilation
  • Includes 1 follower board with feeding port and 28 top bars
  • Assembly required; includes nails and easy-to-follow instructions


  • 8.80 x 13.50 x 46.00 inches
  • 50.10 LBS


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    Top Bar Hive Kit Unassembled

    by ClariceB on May 11, 2022

    Overall an easy build, really the instructions could use a few numbers/letters on the wood pieces or notes regarding which side is which in the assembly! Main reason for not 5 stars is the Roof... oh my goodness what a pain in the xxx this is. the Corrugated pieces are so flimsy and cheap, an absolute pain to screw on, and just really make the whole hive at risk for failure. I built two new roof pieces made from cedar 1 month after having the hives in my bee yard. I'd suggest for next year's model just going with a wooden roof and maybe including the corrugated pieces as an "add on" .

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    Top Bar Hive Kit

    by DEBORAH WILLIAMS on Mar 30, 2022

    Agree with previous comment about the roof. I put a screen underneath the corrugated portion to keep flying pests out. I am concerned about rain and snow blowing in underneath the roof. Also I found that the hive body did not fit the top bars exactly so it leaves the hive itself with gaps at the end. I bought trim strips of wood and cut them to fill in. I am not a woodworker type person, overall I like this TBH kit.

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    Good for the money

    by Kristin Stephens on Feb 21, 2022

    This top bar hive is fairly easy to out together. The instructions are very vague, just pay attention to the pictures/illustrations and you should be fine. There are a few things that need improvement, like the roof. We are adding a board on top of the roof frame then putting the corrugated fiberglass pieces on top of the board. Other than that it may just need insulation due to the thickness of the boards. The price, quality of the hive and the ease of putting it together deserve a 5 star rating. You can make your own hive for less possibly, or buy a heavy duty hive for much much more, but this one is a good place to start.