Galvanized Banding Strap

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Successfully transport or ship beehives and other products with a high-quality galvanized strap from Mann Lake.

These straps are the perfect solution for transporting hives across rough terrain! Whether you’re relocating your colony or transporting hives for seasonal purposes, having a secure way to travel is essential to ensure the safety of your bees.

These straps are galvanized for durability and feature an easy-to-use camlock buckle. At over 13' (3.96 m) in length, these products can be used on individual hives or palletized hives. This length provides you with many options when shipping or transporting hives. The excess length stays neatly rolled at the buckle. "1">11 wide (1.75 cm). The straps are convenient, easy to use, and long-lasting. What more could you ask for?

Secure Beekeeping Products with Galvanized Banding Straps

If you’re shipping products out to customers, banding straps are highly versatile and easy to use for a wide assortment of items. They can be used for shipping, storage, and packing products to ensure the safety and security of the items inside a box. With a robust and secure buckle, you’ll never worry that your products are at risk of unsteady movement.


  • 2.20 x 2.80 x 8.10 inches
  • 1.50 LBS