Galvanized Walk In Chicken Run with Roof

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Provide a safe, comfortable environment for your birds with a covered chicken run from Mann Lake. Whether you’re shopping for your first chicken coop or using chicken runs for years, Mann Lake has everything you need for your backyard flock.

This walk-in run allows easy access to your birds while keeping them safe. You no longer have to duck or crawl into the run to feed or check your birds. Our chicken coops are easy to assemble and come in three convenient sizes that will work in any yard. Place your chicken coop inside and use it as a stationary run or keep your meat birds safe as you move it around the yard.

Benefits of a Chicken Run Roof

Keep your chickens inside and safe by investing in a chicken coop with a predator-proof roof that will keep pests and animals out. You won’t have to worry about your chickens if the coop has a secure roof. This chicken run also comes with a high-quality tarp to create a chicken coop roof to provide shade for your backyard chickens. This chicken run with roof is made of galvanized steel and PVC-coated chicken wire and is much more durable than traditional plastic sheets.


  • 80.00 LBS