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Our swarm traps are designed to mimic the hollow of a tree, and they're a favorite home for bee swarms every year. They're made of a molded fiber material that will hold up through many swarm seasons. When used together with our swarm lure, swarm trapping is easy!

For the best chance at success, place your swarm traps at least 6 feet off the ground in a shady area during the day. Scout bees are more likely to find your trap if it's in an easy-to-spot location.

Our swarm lure, which is sold separately, is designed to attract bees by slowly releasing a blend of pheromones, which will convince them to make the trap their new home. Each packet of lure will last for one swarm season in the trap. Once the honey bees have moved in, you can safely transfer them to one of your hives. Safely store unused lures in a freezer or refrigerator.

Beekeepers know that keeping bees is a rewarding, challenging hobby. With a few swarms each year, beekeepers who use our trap will have plenty of bees to collect honey and raise.


  • 17.00 x 15.00 inches
  • 2.70 LBS


  • 5

    Swarm trap

    by Steve Wiese on Jul 02, 2023

    I've tried using old hive boxes and frames to catch a swarm, but only managed to catch mice, wax moths, and wasps. I hung this trap and lure as directed, and within a month had caught my first swarm. And best of all the swarm wasn't even from one of my own hives. Free bees!

  • 5

    Swarm trap success!

    by Steve on Jun 12, 2023

    I set up one of these traps a month ago, and just hived a nice swarm that moved in! The best part is that this swarm isn't even one of mine! Free bees! Much easier to catch a swarm this way than climbing trees!

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    Flower pot swarm trap

    by Al Doucette on Mar 11, 2022

    A friend gave me one of these and in combination with a little Swarm Commander I caught an amazing swarm last year that is still thriving this late winter.