Wasp Bag Trap - Refill

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The Trap-N-Kill Yellow Jacket, Wasp & Hornet Trap Refills keep your traps operating constantly. The insects enter the trap through the side holes, seeking the food-based bait and will be killed in the liquid solution in the bottom of the trap. Each box contains two refills.

The wasp bag trap refill is easy to use and works with our wasp and hornet trap to bait and trap stinging insects without zapping or sprays.

Wasp and Hornet Trap

Nearly twenty species of wasps pose a threat to bees. These include paper wasps, red wasps, yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, and European hornets.

This refill is non-toxic and does not use harmful killing agents to down pesky insects. The wasp and hornet trap with lure works to bait and trap all kinds of hornets and wasps that pose a threat to your colony. The trap lures nearly twenty species of hornets and wasps, including paper wasps, red wasps, European hornets, and yellow jackets.

Stinging Insects Beware

Easy to use and effective, this wasp and hornet trap refill is an essential component in your insect control strategy, keeping your bees safe from stinging insects. Our wasp and hornet trap is for outdoor use only.

This product is non-toxic and does not rely on harmful killing agents. Each refill works with our traps, designed to attract and trap yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets effectively. The lure enhances the trap's effectiveness, ensuring that species such as yellow jackets and bald-faced hornets are trapped efficiently.

The bait and trap design attracts yellow jackets, wasps and hornets, among other harmful stinging insects.

The trap is non-toxic and uses no zapping, lotions, sprays or electrical cords. For use with the Trap-N-Kill Yellow Jacket, Wasp & Hornet Trap.


Wasp Trap Refill for the DC690, Wasp Trap with Lure.


  • 1.10 x 4.00 x 7.90 inches
  • 0.10 LBS