Uncapping Knife - North American Model

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This North American Model uncapping knife is the brainchild of Pierce, the founder of Pierce Beekeeping Equipment Company, who patented this innovative tool back in 1941. Setting the industry standard for heated uncapping knives, this uncapping knife is the top choice for both professional and backyard beekeepers. Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel, this 10” long and 2” wide knife features a comfortable turned wood handle that remains cool to the touch. Equipped with a sealed thermostat in the blade, this knife is pre-calibrated to the perfect temperature for uncapping, ensuring efficiency right out of the box. With a high watt density heater sealed into the knife, it heats up in just 30 seconds and maintains a steady temperature in all working conditions. Plus, the 8-foot grounded cord provides flexibility and convenience. Don't settle for imitations - choose the original Pierce Uncapping Knife, handmade with care in Southern California, USA. 120 volt. Wattage 450/500. 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Note: European Model (HD414E) and Australian & New Zealand (HD414A) options available. Call (800) 880-7694 for more information.


  • 2.80 x 3.60 x 18.30 inches
  • 1.50 LBS