Econo 50 Egg Incubator

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This economical incubator has it all for a great price. It has automatic temperature controls, digital humidity display, automatic egg turning and a LED light egg candler built in. The incubator will hold up to 50 chicken eggs or 30 duck eggs. Your humidity or temperature not where it needs to be? No worries, this incubator will alert you to take action allowing you to have the best success rate possible. 

Operating Instructions

  1. Inject water into the water hole (up to 1400ML water can be stored inside the machine).
  2. Put the fertilized eggs into the egg tray (the eggs must be fresh, fertilized eggs within 4-7 days after laying eggs are the best) make sure the pointed size of the egg is down.
  3. Put the cover in position, plug in the machine, and start hatching (press any key to cancel the alarm if any caused by low temperature/humidity).
  4. Keep the power on and do not frequently open the cover. Put machine in Styrofoam when environment temperature is lower than 20°C for better warm keeping. Inspect the water level in the egg incubator regularly. Recommend filling with warm water once every 3 days around but subject to actual environment.
  5. When the eggs enter the hatching stage (the eggshell is cracked), remove the egg tray and place the eggs directly on the base grid for hatching.

Note: It is recommended to add water and heat the machine to test for 20-30 minutes before the eggs are officially hatched.

  • Multifunctional egg tray
  • Ventilation vent
  • Control Panel


Egg Type Hatching Days Setter Period Hatcher Period Egg Weight G

Temperature °C


Humidity %

Temperature °C


Humidity %
Chicken Eggs 21 38.0 55% - 70% 37.5 65% - 85% 50-60
Bird Eggs 28 37.8 60% - 75% 37.3 65% - 85% 80-100
Duck Eggs 30 37.6 65% - 80% 37.1 65% - 85% 100-120
Quail Eggs 18 38.5 55% - 70% 37.8 65% - 85% 30-40


  • 8.60 x 22.90 x 26.80 inches
  • 17.30 LBS