Brinsea Incubator - Maxi Model Maxi II Advance Digital 14 Egg Incubator

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The latest of incubators from Brinsea is the Maxi incubators. These incubators are larger than the Mini incubators and still offer the unique domed design which allows you to see all angles of the hatching process. These incubators come in the three product levels that ensure that you can get the correct feature level for your needs. The Brinsea Maxi II incubators are small, high quality, low cost incubators combining ease of use, performance and value. All models feature all round visibility of your hatching eggs, convenience of external water top-up and the latest technical innovations drawn from Brinsea's 40-year experience in egg incubator design. The eco models require more user involvement with manual egg turning needed twice a day whereas the advance turns the egg automatically and provides digital control of temperature, including alarms to warn of power failure, incubation temperature fluctuations and Brinsea's new room temperature alarm. The EX model adds fully automatic and highly accurate humidity control, more turning options and both egg disks to accommodate all egg sizes at a new, lower cost.

Dimensions: 13x13x8


Warranty available from manufacturer. You must register your product on the manufacturer's website within 30 days of receipt.


  • 7.60 x 13.00 x 13.60 inches
  • 5.20 LBS