Poultry Heat Shrink Bags, 85 Micron (3.4 Mil), 10" x 18"

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Experience the superior quality of our 85 Micron Thick Broiler Heat Shrink Bags! Unlike any other poultry heat shrink bag on the market, our bags are thicker, providing unbeatable protection and minimizing the risk of freezer burn. Designed specifically for 2-10 pound meat birds, these bags are the perfect solution for all your packaging needs. With dimensions of 10" X 18", they offer ample space to accommodate your bird. Rest assured, our bags are made from BPA Free plastic, ensuring the safety of your food. Choose our top-notch heat shrink bags for unmatched quality and peace of mind. Please note: Zip ties and Poultry Processing Labels not included. 

  • 85 Micron Thickness - Prevents Potential Rips and Freezer Burns
  • Thicker than the competition!
  • FDA - Approved - Meets FDA Standards Certified Kosher
  • BPA & BPO Free Food Grade Plastic

To use these poultry heat shrink bags:

  1. Heat a large pot of water to 180º F.
  2. Large enough for bird and water displacement.
  3. Place bird in bag.
  4. Try to remove as much air as possible then spin the bag and tie it off with zip tie or hog rings.
  5. Place a 1/2" cut in bag by the breastbone.
  6. Place in water for 2-3 seconds and quickly remove from water.
  7. Pat the bag dry with a towel.
  8. Place a label over the hole or use packing tape.
  9. Then refrigerate for 3-7 days or freeze up to 9-12 months.

Bag size dimensions: Broiler: 10" X 18"


  • 1.00 x 10.00 x 18.00 inches
  • 3.50 LBS