Brower Chick & Quail Brooder

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Ready to start raising quail or other game? This brooder setup is designed to keep small birds, chickens, and other poultry safe and warm.

This quail and chick brooder offers a brand-new design, featuring a galvanized steel construction, a PVC-coated wire mesh floor, and a poly feeder and drinker. The universal water drinker has a 3-liter capacity with a self-cleaning trough. The heat source of this brooder keeps chicks uniformly warm, with controllable heat plates to adjust the temperature as necessary.

The max capacity is 100-day-old chicks, 50 four-week-old chicks, or 100 quail chicks to the fourth week. Feeder capacity is approximately 7 pounds of feed and fills from the outside.

Quail Brooder Box Maintenance and Cleaning

For baby gamebirds, cover the floor with paper towels or cage board for the first week or so. Do not use slick paper such as newspaper, which may contain toxins that may harm your chicks. The dropping pan is easily removed for cleaning.

Overall size is 42" L x 27" W x 19.5" H (interior height 10"). The 250-watt heat plate is thermostatically controlled. 115 V.


  • 74.00 LBS