Durvet Probiotics Daily for Poultry - 100 g

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Support your poultry with Durvet Probiotics Daily, a supplement that aids digestive health. Durvet probiotics promote healthy gut microflora and can be used for all poultry to boost their health with viable naturally occurring microorganisms. 

Durvet Probiotics Daily aids your flock by supporting nutrient absorption. This water-soluble supplement is easy to use. Simply add one scoop per gallon of water.

Benefits of Boosting Your Poultry’s Digestive Health

Adding a daily poultry supplement to your poultry feed has many benefits. This product can be used for all classes of poultry, including adult chickens, chicks, turkeys, waterfowl, and more. 

Helping to maintain your birds’ natural gut bacteria boosts their immune system and keeps them functioning and thriving at their best. Whether you’re new to raising birds or you’re a seasoned pro, Durvet Probiotics Daily is a must-have product for a happy, healthy flock! 

Using the Durvet Probiotics Daily

Safely use this product with other Durvet supplements; just be sure to read the labels and follow the instructions. This probiotic supports the natural balance of gut bacteria, ensuring your bird's digestive health remains at its peak. Ensure your poultry are thriving all year long with this digestive supplement from Durvet. 


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