Durvet Vitamins & Electrolytes Concentrate

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This water-soluble premix of essential vitamins and electrolytes is ideal for cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine, and poultry. Feed your animals the best in order to keep them healthy and strong throughout every season. Use it as a water additive when you think they need a boost. 

Designed to be an additive, this water-soluble premix contains the following: 

Vitamins: A, D3, E, riboflavin, pantothenic, niacin, B-12, folic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine. 

Minerals: Sodium, calcium, magnesium, ferric (iron) citrate, potassium chloride and dextrose. 

Benefits of Durvet Vitamins and Electrolytes for Animals

Essential vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes are extremely beneficial for all kinds of animals. Whether your animals are stressed or in poor health, the Durvet vitamins and electrolytes mix can boost their immune system. 

Durvet Water Soluble Premix Specifications

4 oz. package, water-soluble powder. Yellow colored. 

Dilution:1 oz. product to 27 gal. water.

6 tsp to 1 oz. product; 1 tsp to 4.5 gal. 

Our soluble premix of vitamins works great as a chick booster and is also good for adults. Please be sure to change the water daily. 

As of 2008, this product no longer contains biotin, per changes in pharmaceutical prep. 


  • 0.70 x 4.70 x 6.40 inches
  • 0.30 LBS