Electric Netting Gate

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Access any netting enclosure or electric fence easily with our electric netting gate from Mann Lake. Netting fences are ideal for raising chickens and other game, and an electric netting gate is ideal so you can easily enter or exit the enclosure on your property.

This gate can easily be added to your electric fence for quick access in and out without turning off the energizer. This kit includes a net gate, drivable posts, a handle, and a docking station. This heavy-duty netting is surprisingly lightweight, easy to install, and will give you the peace of mind that your animals or birds are secure.

Electric Netting Gate Benefits

Electric netting with an energizer is designed to keep livestock and poultry safe and contained on the farm or in your yard. Electric netting also deters predators like foxes. Adding a net gate makes it easy to enter or exit the area with netting without turning off the energizer. It’s a quick and efficient way to utilize an electric fence while keeping your livestock safe and secure. The netting also contains drivable posts, making installation a breeze even in rocky, tough ground or soil.


  • 4.10 x 4.10 x 60.00 inches
  • 4.80 LBS