36" Bird Catching Net

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Birds and bees co-exist in the environment. Although not many birds have bees on their menu, birds such as woodpeckers, swifts, mockingbirds, kingbirds, cardinals, and thrushes occasionally take to eating bees.

Having your bees preyed on can be devastating to your colonies. You will likely be out of business if a colony loses its honey bees. It is, therefore, critical that you devise a bird control method.

One way you can protect your hives is by using bird-catching nets. As soon as you realize that birds are attacking your bees, you should swing into defense before the honey bee numbers hit critical lows.

What Is the 36” Bird Catching Net

The 36" Bird Catching Net is improved over the previous models. The nets now come with a heavy-duty nylon 36" deep net pocket, a 20" opening width, a 25" net length, a 32" net length from the base to the tip, plus a 36" handle.

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  • 4.00 x 20.50 x 35.60 inches
  • 3.40 LBS