Sure Catch Multiple Catch Mousetrap

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SureCatch can trap up to 30 mice without you doing a thing! Safe and easy to use, this SureCatch live trap is the only way to effectively capture the entire mouse population in homes, barns, shops, and other indoor environments. Simply place the galvanized metal trap along a wall where mice travel. Its low profile allows it to be placed under almost anything. As mice travel, their natural curiosity leads them inside. Once inside, they can't get out, and they soon attract other mice. There is no bait, no chemicals, and no maintenance. Just check your trap often, we recommend checking at least once a day since this is a live trap, but may require more frequent checks in areas of heavy infestation, and dispose of mice. Measures 10.25 " long by 6.5" wide by 2" high.


  • 2.60 x 6.60 x 10.40 inches
  • 1.80 LBS