Pipe Queen Catcher


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This queen catcher is made of clear plastic and is an easy, gentle way to work with your queen.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use the pipe queen catcher effectively:

Step 1: Simply place the larger opening of the pipe over your queen and allow her to crawl inside. The large opening allows the queen to crawl into the pipe easily.

Step 2: Cover the opening with foam. This foam blocks the queen from exiting the pipe.

Step 3: Remove the cork on the opposite end to allow you to blow into the pipe.

Step 4: Simply blow into the pipe to gently push the queen into your queen cage (or wherever you'd like to place her).

Step 5: Just repeat the process when placing worker bees in the cage. 

Innovative Design of the Queen Catcher

The design of the queen catcher prioritizes ease of use with its one-handed design, enabling beekeepers to work efficiently in the field. This plastic queen catcher is engineered to safely capture and transport the queen without harm, promoting responsible colony management.

Visibility and Control

With the queen catcher's clear plastic construction, beekeepers have a clear view, ensuring the queen is inside and secure during the transfer process. The transparency of the device minimizes stress for both the queen and the beekeeper during the rearing and inspection processes.

Versatility in Use

The queen catcher is not only for queens; it offers workers access to join their queen. This multifunctional queen catcher tool is an asset for various rearing and inspection tasks, making it a versatile component in a beekeeper's toolkit.

As the largest beekeeping supplier and manufacturer, Mann Lake guarantees high-quality products, and this plastic queen catcher exemplifies our commitment to excellence in beekeeping tools.


  • 0.50 x 2.30 x 6.80 inches
  • 0.30 LBS


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    Easy to use

    by Doug lynn on Apr 07, 2022

    You do not mash the queen