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A queen excluder is a device that is placed between the hive's brood boxes and the honey super (the box where the honey is stored). The metal barrier allows the worker bees to enter the honey super but prevents the queen from getting in. This ensures that the honey is not contaminated with eggs and remains clean upon harvest. If there is brood in the honey supers, it becomes very difficult to eliminate it from the comb, and as a result, extracting clean honey becomes much more challenging.

Our queen excluders are available in both 8-frame and 10-frame sizes, and each wire is crimped in the frame. They are made from durable, low carbon steel and precision welded. This ensures an excluder that is both highly effective and lasts for years to come!


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    Completely satisfied with this product

    by DAVID GIDDENS on Feb 14, 2024

    Well made and just what I wanted

  • 5

    Queen excluder

    by Christopher Kolasch on Feb 10, 2024

    Best in the business, exact size Everytime unlike other companies in the industry.

  • 3

    This worked so well that it excluded the bees as well.

    by Jason Riedy on Nov 09, 2023

    Maybe my bees are fat, but they couldn't / wouldn't pass through this queen excluder. Just FYI, check to see if they can pass before leaving it to sit. I didn't, but at least the ant invasion kept wax moth larvae at bay.

  • 5


    by Melvin on May 08, 2022