Professional Poultry Scalder

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Scalding your poultry is the key to successfully processing your chickens, turkeys, and game birds. Using chicken scalders helps you loosen feather quills for easy plucking.

Quality scalders ensure your birds are heated to the ideal temperature for a smoother process.

Poultry Processing Made Easy With Our Quality Chicken Scalder

The Professional Poultry Scalder is the only chicken scalder you’ll ever need. It’s both durable and sanitary to keep your poultry preparations safe for you and your clients.

Reaching and maintaining the perfect temperature for scalding a bird is a breeze with its built-in precision digital temp control. This chicken scalder also has a hinged cover for added temperature and evaporation control. 

Features of the Professional Poultry Scalder

Unlike lesser models, our scalders can have a 3/8” air hose attached via the air input. This induces a bubbling in the water, generating a mechanical action that enhances the ease of plucking feathers, whether you use it for a chicken, turkey, or other game birds.

The Professional Poultry Scalder is a must-have tool that will complete your meat birds processing operation.

Our chicken scalder has the following features

  • Made of 304 – food grade stainless steel
  • Precise digital control to reach the desired temperature: 136° F – 145° F
  • Includes hinged cover for additional temperature control
  • Input for 3/8” air hose, output drain for easy cleaning
  • Four wheels with individual brakes for mobility and easy storage
  • Built-in drain for easy clean-up
  • 220V cord with plug
  • Fits 1-3 chickens


  • 18.90 x 22.10 x 28.40 inches
  • 62.10 LBS