Flexible Winter Drinker Heating Cable with 24V Adaptor

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Keep your animal’s drinker/waterer from freezing in winter with the Flexible Drinker Heating Cable! This low voltage (24V) cable is a safe and adaptable solution for your animal’s cold weather drinking needs as it fits most any drinker. Simply submerge the stainless-steel coated area of the cable within the waterer, with the connection piece of the heating cable inside as well. The cable maintains steady heat to the water supply preventing it from freezing. Perfect for chickens/poultry, rabbits, and pets! 


  • While the cable and connector are submersible, the adaptor must stay dry at all times.  
  • This product is meant for use in water only. 
  • Make sure power cord is inaccessible to damage from animals and other elements. 
  • Do not expose to rain, wind or snow. Designed to be used inside a coop or enclosure. 


  • 2.30 x 5.90 x 8.20 inches
  • 0.40 LBS