High Capacity Silo Poultry Waterer - 12 gallon

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This new high-capacity Silo Waterer allows you to have the water your birds need with the features you’ve always wanted. See through transparent body makes water-level monitoring easy and lets you know when you need to fill it. This waterer works with a float valve, so it is easy to operate, and you don’t have to count on seals or gaskets that are prone to fail!

It’s easy to clean

  • 6” stand keeps the water trough out of the bedding.
  • Large lid makes this a breeze to clean. Just open it up and wipe it down.

High capacity that is easy to fill

  • 12 Gallon Capacity gives your birds the water they need.
  • Fill the waterer less often giving you more time to enjoy your birds.
  • Fill the waterer by using the smaller hose opening or by opening the larger cover


  • 16.50 x 16.50 x 27.00 inches
  • 7.20 LBS