Beekeeping Vest with Hooded Veil


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Protective gear is essential for any beekeeper to properly care for their bees and accomplish tasks in the bee yard.

For those looking for a quick, versatile way to get in and inspect their hives without donning a full suit, beekeeping vests are the perfect alternative. Complete with a veil, it can be slipped over your clothes and offers extra protection during quick inspections.

Adjustable elastic at the waist and arms allows for a snug yet comfortable fit to prevent any unwanted company from flying into your veil and to avoid bee stings when working in the yard.

Beekeeping Suits, Jackets and Vests

All beekeepers need a bee suit, particularly those who are newer to the craft and need more protection. Beginners aren’t as accustomed to working with bees and may get stung more easily.

For more seasoned beekeepers, beekeeping jackets are an effective way to check on the hive without having to put on a bulky beekeeping suit.

If you live in a warmer area, beekeeping jackets with a round veil are a great option as they’re lightweight and offer better breathability. Beekeeping jackets make it easy to put on your gear, grab your beekeeping gloves, and get to work!

For simple and quick inspections, where you’re sure your colony is calm, use your vest over your clothes.

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  • 10.80 inches
  • 0.80 LBS
  • Tip: Use baseball cap to keep veil away from your face


  • 5

    Love this!

    by Liz on Apr 18, 2024

    Easy to slip on, no dangling ropes. Comfortable!

  • 5

    The Best

    by Jennifer on Jul 01, 2023

    I love these vests- just bought my third one. I use these instead of jackets. Wear a baseball cap under them and you’ll have sun protection. The coolest option for hot days, better than a veil too

  • 3

    Beekeeping Vest w hood

    by Paul Landowski on Mar 27, 2022

    I do like the Vest, but have gotten stung on the chin at least 4 times, maybe more. Whose counting? The cross piece at the chin needs to hold the hood away from your face!