Hooded Beekeeping Veil w/string

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Protect yourself and your bees when working in the bee yard with a quality, breathable hooded veil from Mann Lake.

Efficient and Comfortable Protection with Mann Lake Hooded Veil

This veil is the same style veil you will find on our Honey Maker and Economy Hooded suits. The bottom has a drawstring closure that can be tied around your waist for a secure fit. There’s no helmet required, but some prefer to wear a baseball cap with this style veil to keep it off the face.

Benefits of Wearing Protective Gear for Beekeeping

Most beekeepers swear by wearing a hooded veil before entering the bee yard because it protects the face and head from any bees flying at you and getting trapped in your hair.

The veil offers a comprehensive shield for your eyes, ears, and nose, preventing any unwelcome encounters with bees during your tasks. While bees don’t inherently intend to sting you, they often become curious and defensive when a beekeeper enters the yard for a hive inspection.

Find High-Quality Veils with a Hood with Mann Lake

Mann Lake is your one-stop shop for beekeeping supplies, equipment, and protective gear. Whether you need a new hooded veil, a beekeeping suit, gloves, or helmets, you’ll find them all at Mann Lake.


  • 6.40 x 12.60 x 15.10 inches
  • 0.80 LBS