Top Feeder with Painted Super

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The Improved Mann Lake Top Feeder comes completely assembled and ready to use for your convenience. Our top feeders feature a galvanized steel safety screen to prevent the potential drowning of bees! Keep your bee feeding process simple and streamlined with one of our high-quality hive top bee feeders.

This top feeder is constructed of heavy-duty, single-piece plastic to provide a no-leak reservoir! The painted wooden surrounding measures 4½" × 19⅝" (11.43 cm × 49.85 cm) and fits all standard beekeeping equipment. There is no comparison to the strength and durability this hive top feeder provides over foam top feeders.

With this setup, your bees can access their food through a barricade and steel safety screen to keep them secure. Save time with a high-capacity feeder for apiaries that holds 4 gallons of bee food for the 10-frame option and 3.2 gallons for the 8-frame one.

Benefits of a Hive Top Feeder:

  • Fill the feeder without opening the hive
  • One-piece construction prevents leaking
  • Painted wooden surrounding measures 4½" × 19⅝" (11.43 cm × 49.85 cm)

Remove honey supers intended for human consumption prior to feeding.


  • 16.60 inches
  • 5.90 LBS
  • 10 Frame holds up to 4 gallons (15 l)
  • 8 Frame holds up to 3.2 (12.11 l)