Quail Crate

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Our unique quail crate is designed to optimize the safety and comfort of your small game birds. The quail crate has a solid bottom to ensure stability, making it an excellent transport crate.

  • Overall Dims: 17 1/2" W x 6" H x 26 1/2" L
  • Top Door Dims: 5 3/4" W x 7 5/8" L
  • Side Door Dims: 4 1/2" W x 6 1/2" H
  • Floor: Solid

Functional Features for Effective Transportation

Our quail crate showcases a swinging top door, a one-of-a-kind lift-up door that guarantees easy access to your birds. Not only that, the quail crate also incorporates a sliding side door, adding another dimension of accessibility for bird handling. It's an ideal transport crate to transport baby chicks, with a capacity of holding 40 chicks or ducklings. 

If you have quail, it can comfortably accommodate 30. The transport crate also works well for 5-6 pheasants.

Let's Give Your Birds a Comfortable Journey

This transport crate is a great choice for those looking to move small game birds securely. Be it to transport baby chicks, quail, or pheasants, our quail crate ensures they travel comfortably and safely. 

Experience the difference with Stromberg’s Chickens’ quail crates. You can trust us to help your birds journey comfortably. Start safeguarding their journey today!


  • 5.20 LBS