Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties™ with Natural Pollen + Bio-Activator, 40 lb

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Our Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties™ are the best option to sustain and stimulate your bees so they can remain hearty and healthy.  This premium protein feed source includes high-protein content, combined with U.S.A.-sourced pollen and Bio-Activator from Apis Biologix. The result is a superior feed that provides your bees with the nutrition they need for increased brood production, resulting in higher colony population and greater honey yields during the nectar flow. These patties were developed to closely resemble the nutritional factors and benefits of naturally forged pollen to promote overall colony health. 

Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties™ are made with only plant-based ingredients and natural, irradiated USA-sourced pollen. This ensures your bees receive a balanced diet of beneficial vitamins, lipids, minerals, and a complete amino acid profile.  

Why choose Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties™ for your hives? 

  • Convenient & ready-to-feed patties  
  • Offered in four quantities: Single 1 lb patty, 10 lb box, 40 lb box and 2100lb tote 
  • Provides proper nutrition critical for spring population build-up, queen rearing, and pre-winter build-up, among other applications 
  • Includes 5% USA-sourced natural, irradiated pollen to promote consumption rate  
  • High (15%) protein content encourages healthy brood build-up 
  • Bio-Activator is intended to bring the nutritional profile of the feed into alignment with natural floral pollen and its health benefits 
  • Formulated to include vitamins, Carotenoid, Phytosterol, Nucleic & Amino acid, Co-enzyme, Enzyme, hemicellulose, Phenolic, Hydroxyl, Alkaloid, Flavonoid, phytohormone, neurotransmitter Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) and Trace Mineral profiles that are found in natural pollen. 


  • Each patty is approx. 1 lb (454 g) 
  • 15% crude protein content 
  • 5% natural pollen content 
  • Fortified with Bio-Activator from Apis Biologix 
  • High protein rate to encourage healthy brood build-up 


  • 4.90 x 11.90 x 20.70 inches
  • 40.00 LBS
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