Feed and Medication for Bees

For a successful colony, your bees need supplements to help them either in times when nature doesn't provide enough food, to prepare them to survive over the winter, or to feed them in times of transit. Mann Lake proudly makes all of its feed including Ultra Bee, Pro-Sweet, and Bee-Pro in the USA. Our medications help protect and strengthen bees' immunity from harsh toxins like pesticides or against pests that harm the honey bee.


When you are installing a new package or hiving a swarm in new equipment, you will feed carbohydrates (sugar water or our pre-mixed Pro-Sweet syrup blend) to stimulate the bees wax glands to draw out the new foundation. Bees also benefit from being fed pollen substitutes such as Ultra Bee or Bee Pro®. Bees must have both carbohydrates (nectar, sugar water or Pro-Sweet) and protein (pollen or pollen substitutes) in order to rear brood so supplemental feeding very important in early spring and late fall after honey has been removed. Feeding in early spring begins building the population of the hive. The goal of every beekeeper raising a honey crop is to have the largest number of bees possible in the hive when the nectar flow starts and early brood rearing is the key to achieving optimal numbers. Ultra Bee and Bee-Pro® can be fed in patty form if it is too cold to fly or if the weather is nice and the bees can be out flying it can be fed dry in the bee yard. For your convenience, we have several types of patties available as a complete brood rearing food. Adding our Pro Health to your liquid feed will encourage consumption and keep your feed fresher longer.