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Learn About Extractors

 Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd

The extracting season is sneaking up on us, or for some of us, it’s already here! This can be a rewarding time for beekeepers. If the season has gone well there is a sweet reward ready to be harvested. There are many different ways to extract honey.  Let’s take a look at the most popular and efficient extractors.


A honey extractor is a piece of equipment used by beekeepers in the extraction of honey from honeycombs. A honey extractor works by using centrifugal force to flick the honey from the honeycomb without destroying the comb.


Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd


Radial extractors situate frames like the spokes of a wheel, allowing both sides of the frames to be extracted at once. Beekeepers looking to extract a decent number of frames tend to prefer radial extractors for their efficiency and ease of use. Radial extractors are available in both crank and motorized.

                                                                        Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd

                                                                          Product Shown: 18/9 Frame Hand Crank Extractor

                                                                        Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd
                                                                                Product Shown: 18/9 Frame Motorized Radial Extractor                                   TANGENTIAL

Unlike the radial method, extracting tangentially only extracts one side of the frames at a time and therefore requires frames to be turned halfway through. One common type of tangential extractor is the basket-style extractor. Basket-style extractors require you to flip the frames to extract honey from both sides. This type of extractor is available in both hand cranks and motorized.

                                                                                            Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd

                                                                                      Product Shown: Hand Crank 8/4 Frame Extractor

                                                                     Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd

                                                                                  Product Shown: Motorized 8/4 Frame Extractor

It should be noted that most of the types of extractors in this blog post can be either radial or tangential unless otherwise stated.

Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd

Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd                            


The most common choice for beginner beekeepers is the manual extractor. Manual honey extractors have a built-in hand crank that is used to spin your frames. Manual extractors are a favorite of beginning beekeepers for their relatively simple operation and lower price point. Manual extractors come in many variations: top crank or side crank, plastic or stainless steel construction, and several different frame capacities.

The benefits of manual extractors are that they are cheaper and you can extract honey without needing a power source. Manual extractors are generally better suited to the hobby beekeeper with less than 10 hives.      

        Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd

 Product Shown: 2 Frame Plastic Extractor Only- Side Crank

Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd

                                                            Product Shown: Stainless 6/3 Frame Hand Crank Extractor- Top Crank


Unlike manual extractors, motorized extractors allow beekeepers to take the muscle out of harvesting honey. Motorized Honey Extractors use an electric motor to spin the frames in the extractor. Due to the convenience and speed of extraction, electric extractors are favored by commercial beekeepers or anyone with a large number of hives.

With the extractor doing all of the work, beekeepers can focus on other extracting tasks such as uncapping the next batch of frames. Motorized extractors also allow you to control the speed of extraction which allows you to extract different types of foundation.

                                                                                            Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd                                       P               

                          Commercial Extractors

   Produce honey faster and more efficiently with heavy-duty operational commercial horizontal extractors.

Learn About Extractors, Mann Lake Ltd


2 Frame: Sufficient for beekeepers with 1-2 hives

6/3 Frame: 10-15 hives

8/4 Frame: 15+ hives

Honey Extraction

We carry honey extractors that are available in many different sizes and price points, and each has unique and innovative features. All our honey extracting supplies are easy to use and consist of high-quality materials for long-lasting use. We offer everything from hand crank extractors to extractor combo kits and even extractor supplies to help with your machine’s upkeep. Our honey extractor collection features extracting equipment, honey removal aids, hose and fittings, uncapping supplies, and more. Discover everything our high-quality honey extractors have to offer and find your new go-to extractor. 

There are several variations of extractors available, so there is bound to be one that fits your needs. Shop Mann Lake for extracting equipment and more!

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