2 Frame Plastic Extractor

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Every beekeeping operation needs a reliable, manual honey extractor to spin the combs and enjoy the fruits of your honey bees’ labor. Whether you enjoy raising bees as a hobby or are fresh to the beekeeping game, this extractor is at the top of a beekeeper’s must-haves.

Mann Lake’s extractors are easy to use, efficient, and affordable for beginners at extracting honey. Honey extractors preserve and protect the honeycomb in the frame, making it easier and less labor-intensive for beekeepers to extract honey for their business or for personal use. Using a gentle extraction process, maintain the top quality of your harvest, keeping its flavors, texture, and other properties intact.


Features of Mann Lake’s 2-Frame Extractor

Our 2-frame extractor is the perfect size for the beginning beekeeper. It is constructed of heavy food-grade plastic with a steel shaft, plastic honey gate, and a plastic lid. The durable hand crank is made of steel and plastic and can rotate in either direction, making honey extraction easy and efficient. With this extractor, beekeepers can extract two frames of any size at a time.


  • 28.00 x 16.00 x 16.00 inches
  • 12.33 LBS