8/4 Frame Basket Extractor

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Streamline the honey extraction process with this stainless steel honey extractor from Mann Lake.

This device will improve your efficiency as a beekeeper thanks to its double-sided top lid and durable, solid extractor body. Enjoy minimal spills or messes thanks to the quality honey gate for a stress-free honey-extracting experience every time. 

You’ll find two options for this honey extractor, including a Motorized Extractor and Hand Crank Extractor. See more information below to help you find the right extractor for you. 

Motorized Extractor

Our 26-gauge (0.478 mm) 8/4-frame stainless steel honey extractor can hold 4 deep frames, 8 medium frames, or 8 shallow frames, making extracting honey more efficient than ever. This extractor features attached raised legs, 110 v, variable speed, gear-driven motor and 1½" (3.81 cm) honey gate included.

Hand Crank Extractor

Similarly to the motorized extractor, our 8/4 standless stell honey extractor can hold the same amount of frames, and features a durable hand crank that allows you to manually adjust the speed and force applied. Other benefits include reduced noise and is not dependent on a power supply. 

Additional info on our extractor:

  • The extractor weighs 60 lbs.
  • Height on legs: 41" (104.14 cm) tall
  • Outside dimensions: 24" (60.96 cm) high 21¼" (53.34 cm) wide
  • Inside dimensions: 24" (60.96 cm) deep 20½" (52.07 cm) wide

Purchase the replacement half lid for future use. 

Shopping Honey Extractors with Mann Lake

Whether you’re a seasoned professional beekeeper or a hobbyist just exploring your options, there’s no doubt that this extractor will make everything more streamlined. It’s a highly versatile tool that will be in your beekeeping arsenal for years to come.


  • 60.00 LBS