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Picking Your Honey Bee Breed

Picking Your Honey Bee Breed

Picking your honey bee breed for your apiary doesn’t have to be a difficult choice! Let us break down the advantages and disadvantages of three of the most popular honey bee breeds available to beekeepers today.

CARNIOLAN HONEY BEECarniolan Honey Bee Breed For Sale Mann Lake mannlakeltd.com

The Carniolan honey bee is a very popular choice among beekeepers and very gentle. They are excellent for colder climates and are more likely to forage on cool, wet days than other species of honey bees. Carniolans are also known for their rapid spring buildup, which gives them the advantage of being able to collect nectar from early spring blooms. Due to their ability to build their hive population so quickly, Carniolans are subject to a higher tendency of swarming than other species of honey bees.


Italian Honey Bees For Sale Mann Lake mannlakeltd.com

Italian honey bees are another favorite among beekeepers and are a good all-around beginner bee. They are known for having a gentle demeanor and are excellent honey producers. Italian honey bees have longer brood cycles which tend to eat away at the hive’s resources more quickly. This can lead to the hive robbing honey from neighboring hives.


Saskatraz Honey Bees For Sale Mann Lake mannlakeltd.com

Relatively new to beekeeping world, the Saskatraz honey bee, is a great option for beekeepers in northern climates due to its excellent wintering ability. Saksatraz honey bees share many similarities to Italian honey bees as they are gentle and have amazing honey production rates. What gives these bees the extra edge is that they are bred for an increased varroa tolerance, are resistant to brood diseases, and show an increase in hygienic behavior.

After you have weighed your options for picking a bee breed, and found the one that’s right for you, don’t forget to take the next step and order your hive. Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply has the perfect setup for you and your beekeeping needs. From beekeeping kits to protective gear and feeds, Mann Lake is your one-stop-shop for all things bee!