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Picking Your Honey Bee Breed

Picking Your Honey Bee Breed

Picking your honey bee breed for your apiary doesn’t have to be a difficult choice! Let us break down the advantages and disadvantages of three of the most popular honey bee breeds available to beekeepers today.

The Carniolan honey bee is meticulously chosen for their remarkable hive performance, outstanding honey production, and resilience. Bred and nurtured through expert-led breeding, these Carniolan honey bees are ideal for beekeepers seeking adaptable, high-performing, and resilient bees.

Strengths of OHB's Carniolan Package Bees:

  • Ideal for Colder Climates
  • Gentle Temperament
  • Outstanding Honey Producers
  • Excellent Comb Builders
  • Rapid Spring Buildup
  • Cold-Weather Foragers

Relatively new to beekeeping world, the Saskatraz honey bee, is a great option for beekeepers in northern climates due to its excellent wintering ability. Saskatraz Package Bees are selected for honey production, wintering ability, temperament, tracheal mite resistance, varroa tolerance/resistance and brood diseases. With these exceptional traits and their remarkable characteristics, OHB's Saskatraz Package Bees are the ideal choice for beekeepers. The Saskatraz breeding program uses recurrent natural selection to select for varroa tolerance in productive colonies with good economic traits.

Strengths of OHB's Saskatraz Package Bees:

  • Exclusively Bred by Olivarez Honey Bees
  • Exceptional Honey Production
  • Good Wintering Ability
  • Enhanced Varroa Tolerance and Resistance to Brood Diseases
  • Increased Hygienic Behavior
  • Gentle Temperament

Italian honey bees are another favorite among beekeepers and are a good all-around beginner bee. They are known for having a gentle demeanor and are excellent honey producers. Italian honey bees have longer brood cycles which tend to eat away at the hive’s resources more quickly. This can lead to the hive robbing honey from neighboring hives.

Strengths of OHB's Italian Package Bees:

  • Gentle and Beginner-Friendly
  • Prolific Brood Production
  • High Hygiene Standards
  • Excellent Comb Builders
  • Outstanding Foragers

If you're seeking honey bees that not only excel in honey production but also display unique adaptability to ever-changing nectar and pollen flows,  Russian-Hybrid Honey Bees are the ideal solution for your beekeeping needs. The Russian-Hybrid bee is less likely to rob from other hives and are known for protecting their hive fiercely. These bees have been meticulously selected and bred to thrive in diverse conditions, offering beekeepers the perfect choice for their ever-evolving challenges.

Strengths of our Russian-Hybrid Honey Bees:

  • Excellent Wintering
  • Superior Mite Resistance
  • High Honey Yield
  • Efficient Brood Rearing
  • Queen Replacement Capability

For beekeepers in search of adaptable, high-performing bees, our Purebred Russian Package Bees excel in honey production and exhibit varroa resistance, tracheal mite tolerance, adaptive brood rearing, and reduced robbing tendencies. These remarkable Purebred Russian bees have been meticulously selected and bred to thrive in diverse environments, showcasing unique characteristics that cater to the needs of beekeepers facing varying challenges throughout the year.

Strengths of our Purebred Russian Package Bees:

  • Varroa Resistance
  • Tracheal Mite Tolerance
  • Adaptive Brood Rearing
  • Reduced Robbing Likelihood

After you have weighed your options for picking a bee breed, and found the one that’s right for you, don’t forget to take the next step and order your hive. Mann Lake has the perfect setup for you and your beekeeping needs. From hive kits to protective gear to beekeeping tools, Mann Lake is your one-stop-shop for all things bee!