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Our Italian honey bee package offers around 3 lbs of bees along with a laying, open-air mated Italian queen bee.

The Italian Bee Advantage

Italian honey bees bring distinct qualities to the table, making a significant contribution to any hive. They are recognized for the following:

  • High productivity and honey production
  • Extremely prolific with a strong focus on brood-raising
  • Among the gentlest and most docile bee subspecies
  • Efficient in comb building
  • Quick to enter supers
  • Excellent foragers
  • Lower swarm tendencies than other bee subspecies
  • Strong cleaning behavior

All of these traits make Italian bees particularly suitable for areas with a consistent nectar flow and favorable summer weather.

See our installation instructions to guide you in settling your Italian honey bees smoothly into their new hive.

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Our Italian bee packages are available while supplies last. Shipping is included in the price. For USPS shipping, packages will require pickup at your local post office.

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Bee Insurance

There is always a risk when shipping live animals, so Mann Lake includes insurance with the purchase of every shipped package. Any package with 1 ½” or more of dead bees spread evenly on the bottom of the package is eligible for a refund or replacement. To file a claim, simply submit a photo of the shipping label and the package showing more than 1 ½” of dead bees on the bottom of the package when spread evenly across the bottom via our website Package Bee Help. We make every effort to ship replacements, if available, on the earliest ship date possible. If we are unable to accommodate a replacement, a refund will be issued within 7-10 business days of submission.


  • 3.00 LBS
  • Shipped packages will ship via USPS Priority Mail & will be held at local Post Office for pickup.
  • An unmarked queen will be included in live bee packages.