California Carniolan Package Bees

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This package includes approximately 3 lbs of the Carniolan bee species and a laying Carniolan queen bee. Queens are open-air mated.

All About Carniolan Honey Bees

When choosing honey bees for your colony, consider the following key attributes of the Carniolan species:

  • Dark in color
  • Mostly gentle, easy to calm with smoke
  • Good honey production
  • Clusters during winter and keep the hive warm

Choose Carniolans for a Thriving Hive

As a subspecies of the Western honey bee, Carniolans are a popular choice for their adaptability to weather, robust honey production, calm temperament, and foraging abilities.

Carniolans are also impressively resistant to parasites and diseases, ensuring your colony will stay strong and healthy throughout the year.

Find Your Ideal Hive at Mann Lake

Whether you choose the Carniolan honey bee or go in another direction, Mann Lake is here to educate, support, and provide you with the best bees, supplies, and equipment.

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  • 3.00 LBS
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