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Carniolan package bees are a great addition to any hive. Sourced from Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB), each package includes approximately 3 lbs of these bees and a Carniolan queen. OHB has several sources for instrumentally inseminated breeder queens. The queens we produce from these breeders are open-mated with all of our stock for genetic diversity and hybrid vigor.

Key Features

Carniolan bees have the following unique traits that make them excellent choices for beekeeping:

  • Strong suitability for colder climates
  • More likely to forage on cool, wet days than other bees
  • Rapid spring buildup
  • Quick to brood up when nectar is available
  • Good comb builders
  • Excellent honey producers
  • Gentle disposition
  • No cage exchange is necessary

Ready, Set, Hive!

Whether you’re an experienced commercial beekeeper or a dedicated hobbyist just starting out, OHB Carniolan honey bees are an excellent choice. They offer the perfect caliber of bees for any purpose—honey production, pollination, or simply the joy of beekeeping.

Check out our installation guide to help your Carniolan package bees settle into their new hive easily.

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