Plastic Uncapping Tank, Tradeshow Special

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When extracting honey, uncapping must be done correctly to avoid causing damage to the uncapped frames, and you can reuse the frames with the combs to give your bees a head start. This is why an uncapping tank is helpful in your harvesting process.

What Is the Plastic Uncapping Tank?

This is a remarkable multi-purpose uncapping and straining tank at the most reasonable price found anywhere! This uncapping tank stores up to 10 deep or shallow frames for uncapping and has a convenient lid for storage. They are made of a high-density polyurethane. 

This dual unit stacks one way for uncapping and, when reversed 180 degrees, becomes a strainer tank holding 8 gallons (30.24 l). A metal strainer grid that fits into the bottom is included. 

A honey gate is also integrated. A honey gate is a valve or tap that can be opened and closed to allow the honey to flow out while keeping the bees inside the hive. Lid also included.

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  • 16.50 x 17.00 x 24.50 inches
  • 16.00 LBS