EZ-Lift HiveTruck

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Modify hives or transport and move bees easily with one of the innovative beehive lifters from Mann Lake.

No matter how strong or able you are, the process of moving frames and hives to extract honey can be grueling and time-consuming. Improve your efficiency and save your back from potential strain and pain by investing in this handy E-Z Lift HiveTruck. Made from sturdy, durable steel, , you can single-handedly move hundreds of pounds with this ingenious steel hive truck! 

By simply walking the cart into the first or second box of the colony, you can repalletize, rotate boxes, or move bees with this handy beehive lifter. The retractable hive catch slips easily into the hand holds for secure lifting and adjustments to lift deeps or shallows. Amazingly responsive, you can maneuver and adjust a colony with ease. Moving or modifying hives is a breeze with a beehive lifter from Mann Lake. 

Improve Your Beekeeping Efficiency 

Any product that can lessen the physical exertion required in beekeeping is worth the investment! This lifter will help save time and energy so you can focus on other tasks to keep your hives thriving and productive.


  • 21.50 x 25.20 x 34.10 inches
  • 45.00 LBS