Ultra Bee High Protein Pollen Substitute Patties, Bulk Container

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Ultra Bee High Protein Pollen Substitute Patties increased brood production resulting in healthier, stronger bees!

Made with no animal by-products! A complete amino acid profile with beneficial vitamins, lipids and minerals!

Ready to feed when you need it. We have the highest protein content available, 15% Crude Protein! To ensure maximum protein content, we recommend using the product with 18-24 months of the manufacture date. Unused feed can be stored in the freezer indefinitely to reduce protein degradation.

Note: Bulk weighs 2100 lbs and can only be shipped freight.


  • 37.10 x 41.70 x 46.20 inches
  • 2,105.00 LBS
Pollen Substitutes (Protein) Comparison Chart

When do I feed my bees Ultra Bee?


Use Ultra Bee Dry Feed in the Spring

Use Ultra Bee Patties in the Winter