Hive Kits

Bee Hive Kits

Our bee hive kit allows the beekeeper to assemble components for a custom beekeeping system. Choose from our individual components or a complete beekeeping starter kit.

Hive Components and Kits

Improve your bee hive system or add more hives to your apiary. Our wide range of assembled kits will allow you to give your bees more room quickly. We also carry a variety of unassembled kits for those who want to customize their bee hives!

Our beehive starter kit selection ranges from complete hive kits and growing apiary kits to unassembled kits. The collection includes top bar hives and other types of bee hive kits and standalone brood box options.

Benefits of Traditional Complete Hive Kit

Using a bee hive kit offers an easier way to start your first bee hives. These kits take out the guesswork when you’re trying to create a bee hive. Our hive kits come with everything you need for successful beekeeping. You can find kits that include everything you need to start your first hive, including the following:

  • Honey super
  • Bottom board
  • Lower and upper deeps
  • Inner and outer covers
  • Frames and foundation for the honey super and deeps
  • Assembly hardware
  • Beekeeping veil and gloves
  • Smoker
  • Hive tool

Order your bee hive kits today from Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply. Enjoy free shipping on most orders over $150!