Single Hive / Super Carrier


Product Details


Move supers with ease with this Super Carrier. Constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing, this carrier will hold up to years of use! To allow room to operate, we recommend removing hive covers before using.


  • 6.70 x 13.20 x 20.40 inches
  • 3.90 LBS


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    Addendum to modification in prior review

    by Kevin on Jul 28, 2023

    Moving hole over one inch was not enuf when I combined one of the newer (¿stainless?) steel version with one piece of the older galvanized version - I estimate 1 1/3 to 1 1/2 inches --(the first time I modified it with 2 (¿stainless?) steel pieces I used a wrap of electric tape as a temporary hinge to confirm one inch was correct Also I'd highly recommend availability to a bench grinder for the modification to grind down the frame beyond the hinge as that portion is what makes the carrier useless for medium supers

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    5 stars AFTER MODIFIED, useless unless modified

    by Kevin Fox on Jun 24, 2023

    See my one star review for details on how to modify with a 3/8 inch drill bit and bolt cutters This is 5 stars as purchased for deep boxes but useless for medium boxes until you move one set of holes over one inch so the hinge no longer drops down below bottom of the medium super because when it drops too low its absolutely impossible to pick the medium box up from a floor or from a hive unless the boxes are perfectly aligned