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5 Frame California Carniolan Russian-Hybrid Nuc - Woodland, CA - Pickup Only

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The California Carniolan-Russian bees in this nucleus colony are known for their excellent wintering, mite resistance, brood rearing and exceptional honey production. These remarkable Carniolan-Russian Hybrid bees have been meticulously bred to excel in demanding environments, and their ability to produce both brood and high honey flow make them a great choice to thrive in a variety of conditions, while also exibiting a gentle temperment.
Included are healthy, 5-frame deep Carniolan-Russian Hybrid nucs with eggs, larvae and capped brood along with several drawn out frames. 
  • Strengths of the California Carniolan-Russian Hybrid Bee:
    • Excellent Honey Producers: Known for high-quality honey and diligent foraging, the Hawaiian-Bred Carniolan Queen Bee ensures a consistent and abundant harvest.
    • Environmental Adaptability: Thrives in diverse conditions, including the ability to endure harsh climates and winting.
    • Brood Management: Excels in maintaining an organized hive and optimizing colony health through superior brood management.
    • Genetic Quality: Bred for superior genetic traits, these bees exhibit resilience, disease resistance, and other desirable characteristics.
    • Gentle Temperament: Renowned for a calm and non-aggressive demeanor, making hive management safer and easier for beekeepers.

Available for pickup from our Woodland, CA location only.

Nuc orders are prepaid. Orders are subject to a $10 change or cancellation fee after the prepayment has been processed. By purchasing nucs, you agree to our bee policy.


  • 5.00 LBS
  • Honey Bee Genetics produces queens and bees year-round in the temperate climate of the Sacramento Valley in California.
  • They are a leader in the industry because their beekeepers have many years of expertise and care about producing healthy, hygienic, & well-nourished bees.
  • HBG nucs install easily and establish strong, hygienic hives that are excellent honey producers.
  • Tauzer Apiaries has a long-standing relationship with Honey Bee Genetics and sustains the important queen rearing practices begun by Tom and Steve so long ago. Mark Tauzer and the Tauzer Family have been beekeeping and raising queens since 1973.
  • Pick up available in Woodland, CA.