BE121 PU

5 Frame Italian/Carniolan Hybrid Nuc - Hackensack, MN - Pickup Only

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The California Raised Italian/Carniolan Hybrid bees in this nucleus colony are known for their resilience, adaptability, and exceptional honey production. These remarkable bees have been meticulously bred to excel in demanding environments, and their unique ability to regulate colony population based on pollen and nectar availability makes them the ultimate choice for beekeepers facing harsh conditions.

Included are healthy, 5-frame deep Italian nucs with eggs, larvae and capped brood along with several drawn out frames. This nucleus colony comes in a 5 Frame plastic box with lid.

  • Strengths Italian/Carniolan Hybrid Nuc Bees:
    • Effective foraging habits
    • Strong cleaning behaviors
    • Docile temperament
    • Prolific, with a keen focus on brood-raising
    • Has a propensity for efficient comb building and super entry

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  • 12.00 x 10.00 x 22.00 inches
  • 5.00 LBS
  • Pick up available in Hackensack, MN.
  • Pickup between 8-10 AM CST.