Mini II Ex Incubator

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The popular smaller incubator series the "Mini" has just been given an update! These great incubators will hold a small amount of eggs but are still loaded with excellent features that were once reserved for only the biggest and highest priced incubators. These mini incubators will hold up to 7 chicken eggs in the turner disk or 10 chicken eggs if you plan on manually turning the eggs. For smaller eggs like quail or bantams it will hold 12 in the turning disc. With these smaller egg quantities these great incubators will be certain to be a good choice for you small flock or school project! 

The Brinsea Mini II incubators are small, high quality, low cost incubators combining ease of use, performance and value. 
All models feature all around visibility of your hatching eggs, convenience of external water top-up and the latest technical innovations drawn from Brinsea's 40-year experience in egg incubator design. The EX model (PP-303) adds fully automatic and highly accurate humidity control, more turning options and both egg disks to accommodate all egg sizes at a new, lower cost. Dimensions: 10x10x8


  • 8.10 x 9.10 x 9.10 inches
  • 3.60 LBS