Three-Hole Queen Cages

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Introducing queens is a big event for beekeepers! That’s why we highly recommend investing in durable, secure queen cages for a safe, stress-free queen introduction to your hive.

Bringing queen bees into an existing colony can be challenging—the worker bees’ first instinct is to act aggressively. That’s where the queen cage comes into play. Keeping a queen bee safe and secure is of the utmost importance when introducing her to a new colony.

A queen cage allows the colony to grow accustomed to the new queen without causing her any harm. The California mini cage is made from wood and has three holes and a screen that is held in place with a staple to protect the queen. Queen breeders recommend the mini cage for queen introductions because it’s easy to slip between frames and won’t cause a disturbance within the hive.

Benefits of Queen Cages

One major benefit to our three-hole queen cahes is that is makes shipping queen bees simple and affordable. Once received, breeders can place the queen inbetween frames inside the hive for the worker bees to become accustomed to the queen. This product can be purchased in bulk, easy to use, and safe for shipping. 

Features of Queen Cages from Mann Lake

Our three-hole queen cages are coated with paraffin and include screens, corks, and candy covers! Requires a staple at each end to keep the queen secure. Additional screens and corks can be ordered separately as well.

Allow 2–3 weeks for shipment.


  • 28.80 LBS