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Supplies Party

Supplies Party

“What’s better than a Surprise Party? A SUPPLIES PARTY!” – Krista, Blog Writer/ World’s Worst Pun Maker

I have been told many times that patience is a virtue. I have also been told several times that it is not always a virtue I have a very good grasp on, especially when I’m excitedly anticipating something. Mix this in with a strong dose of “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT KEEPS SNOWING,” and we have the recipe for my grumpy mood as of late.

I’m just antsy to put everything I’ve learned about beekeeping to use, to be able to get some hands-on experience with my own hives. Every time we have some progress towards the snow melting here in Minnesota, we get another healthy heaping of it; this fact just seems to be an extra raincloud in my sky. However, if I can’t survive a little of nature’s drama now, how will I stand up to any curve balls I’m thrown in regards to my bees? I’d be a complete fool to think everything will always be okie dokie. So here’s my self pep talk: Krista, you need to put on your big girl pants and deal with it.

Boxes full of sunshine…

Well, my pep talk helped, but I got an even bigger boost further down the way. Somewhere in the midst of my pity-party, the break in my clouds came. I was notified my bee supply order was ready to be picked up, and it sure did not disappoint! Two cart loads were wheeled into the showroom, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

Christmas in April?! I’ll allow it as long as I don’t have to wear the Ugly Sweater.

Who knew one could get excited about hive tools? I mean, to a non-beekeeper they just look like some hunks of metal, but to me it felt like I was getting my beekeeping lightsaber or a wand to work up some apiary magic. I had gotten the tools of the trade, my new bees’ homes, and of course, my armor. The adventure was really beginning to look like reality!

All stacked up for a sleigh ride home.

After I thoroughly oogled my supplies in the showroom, it came down to some creative stacking in my vehicle. Despite the snow that was falling while we loaded it all up, there was an underlying sense that spring hadn’t forgotten about us. It may be taking its sweet time to get here, but when it does, a new set of fun in frustrations will present itself. At this point, I’m still kind of floating, tickled by the fact that if getting the supplies was exciting, how will I react when I get my bee packages?

If you’re curious about the contents on my carts, I’ve included the list below:

Krista’s Supplies Party List: