Complete Queen Rearing Kit, Tradeshow Special

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Looking for a queen-rearing kit to raise your own queens? You’re in the right place! No hive can be successful without a strong queen bee, and it’s the responsibility of the beekeeper to ensure there are backup queen bees available should the existing queen need replacing. 

This queen-rearing kit system eliminates the process of grafting by having the queen lay directly in the cell cup. This system allows you to raise many queens (up to 110) at one time. 

All components of this complete kit are reusable except brown cell cups. During queen rearing, reusing cell cups greatly diminishes the acceptance rate. We recommend successful queen rearing be done with new cell cups every time.

Our QC-100 complete queen-rearing kit includes the components to produce 10 new queens:

  • 1 cell grid
  • 110 brown cell cups
  • 10 hair roller cages
  • 10 brown cell fixtures
  • 10 yellow cell cup holders
  • 10 candy cup/closure

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  • 2.00 x 16.00 x 8.00 inches
  • 0.85 LBS