10 Frame Ross Round Assembled Super Kit


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Here's the kit you need to get started producing America's most popular comb honey! The Ross Round Super makes 32 beautiful, all-natural round sections of honey. Simply add the Ross Round Super to your hive and let the bees fill in the round rings with honey. Once they are capped, remove the sections, add the covers and a label. Kit comes fully assembled.

Foundation and labels sold separately. 


  • 10.50 x 16.60 x 19.70 inches
  • 15.70 LBS


  • 3

    Ross Rounds

    by Linda Bertrand on Feb 17, 2024

    I just couldn’t get my bees to use these- tried misting them with sugar water, placed them as first super, etc. The bees would walk around on them but wouldn’t use them. Disappointing- I finally threw it away. If anyone has ideas about what I could have done differently let me know!

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    Not quite “complete”

    by Bill on Mar 29, 2022

    Just received The Ross Round complete kit. Looks great and looking forward to using it. The only downside is that this “Complete Kit” is not actually complete in so much as I now have to purchase the necessary thin foundation. If this had been mentioned in the item listing I would have gladly purchased the foundation at the same time and saved on unnecessary shipping. A small gripe, but may help future customers.