10 Frame Quilt Box

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Control moisture in your hive during the winter with our 10 Frame Quilt Box. Place this box in between your inner cover and the top of your uppermost box and fill the top part with burlap or pine shavings (we do not recommend using sawdust as its density will not allow for the flow of moisture). The burlap or pine shaving filling will absorb moisture that condenses from heat produced by the bee cluster. The notched entrance should be placed down, so bees can easily leave for a cleansing flight on warmer winter days. The space below the screen allows ample room for adding your choice of winter feed. We recommend periodically inspecting your filling by removing the outer cover. If the filling appears to be holding moisture, simply remove it and replace it with fresh filling.

Compatible with 10 Frame equipment. Burlap/pine shavings are not included.


  • 4.70 x 16.90 x 20.10 inches
  • 4.70 LBS